Play-Doh Cupcakes


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  • Select the following text, tap again on Download@3x and select “Ingredients”:

200 g of Violet Play-Doh

200 g of Yellow Play-Doh

50 g of Azure Play-Doh

  • Select the following text, tap again on Download@3x and select “Method”:

Squeeze the Violet Play-Doh to obtain a long and thin snake, put it aside. Take the yellow Play-Doh knead it softly, till obtain a smooth and soft dough. Now put the Yellow Play-Doh inside cupcakes paper in little balls and decorate with the Violet and Azure Play-Doh. Repeat until it ends the Play-Doh. Enjoy!

Now tap the Download@3x in the bottom right corner to pass all the data you have downloaded to the “New Recipe” page and  tap “Done”. You have now the super tasting Play-Doh Cupcakes saved inside your personal cookbook. Congratulations!

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